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TimeSaver Software is proud to display the work of our Schematic Creation Service Department. The SCS department has been creating exact diagrams for Room Viewer clients all around the world. Below are a few unique schematic samples drawn using Room Schematics by our SCS department. If you would like more information on Room Schematics or Schematic Creation Service, please contact us.

Rectangular Grand Ballroom PDF
Rectangular Ballroom Breakout 01 PDF
Rectangular Ballroom Breakout 02 PDF
Unique Ballroom 01 PDF
Unique Ballroom 02 PDF
Meeting Rooms
Rectangular Meeting Room PDF
Unique Meeting Room 01 PDF
Unique Meeting Room 02 PDF
Boardroom PDF
Pre-Function Spaces
Unique Pre-Function 01 PDF
Unique Pre-Function 02 PDF
Rectangular Restaurant PDF
Unique Restaurant 01 PDF
Unique Restaurant 02 PDF
Unique Bar and Restaurant 01 PDF
Unique Bar and Restaurant 02 PDF

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